Trusted Advisor Program

Unlock a world of personalized wellness designed for the relentless pursuit of excellence with the Trusted Advisor Program – included in your Confident Membership at no extra charge! We understand the unique pressures and high demands you face every day. You’re not just seeking balance; you’re striving for peak performance in every aspect of life. It’s time to fine-tune your wellness and truly elevate your entire health – physical, mental, and emotional!

  • Direct Practitioner Access: Ensure you’re never alone on your journey to optimum health! You maintain direct access to a skilled practitioner, allowing you to clarify doubts, seek guidance, and gain insights at any point during your wellness journey.
  • Monthly Health Strategy Consultations: Enjoy a consistent touchpoint for tracking progress, setting new milestones, and refining your health strategy. These monthly half-hour sessions are dedicated to ensuring that your health journey is not only on track but also evolving based on your changing needs and aspirations. Bonus: Confident Member Family plans receive two free consultations per month!
  • Quarterly Holistic Health Evaluations: Dive deeper into your health profile starting at your very first consultation with comprehensive evaluations every quarter! These reports, added to your free Monthly Health Strategy Consultations, allow for a detailed overview of your holistic health, highlighting areas of progress and pointing out avenues for further improvement.