Genetically-tailored life plans

Our Clients

  • Deepen key relationships and reduce stress levels
  • Master work-life balance while increasing productivity
  • Achieve customized wellness based on their unique genetics

How it Works

Phase I: Discover

Connect with exactly who you are and how you work! Understand where you're starting from and discover new insights about what healthy is for you! We'll guide you through the necessary testing and assessments to establish a solid foundation for Phase II.

Phase II: Develop

Focus on building the skills and strategies needed to optimize your wellness using everything discovered in Phase I! Power sessions provide you with three specific action steps for continued improvement, as well as a bonus action to deepen your understanding of yourself.

Phase III: Dominate

Put your new self-awareness and customized wellness plan into daily action! Maintain connection with our rock star community and take advantage of quarterly wellness updates and benefits to help you stay on top of your game!

Confident Membership

  • 100% virtual – have your consultations anytime, anywhere! 
  • Direct doctor access via text or email – make the right choice the first time!
  • Exclusive discounts on practitioner grade supplements – shipped straight to your door!
  • Access to special sales and events – awesome community support and resources!
  • Sneak peeks and direct input on new services and programs – shape your wellness future! 

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