Wellness Programs

Discover the path to your best health with Confident Wellness’s tailored Wellness Programs! From Genetic insights to Epigenetic adaptations, we offer a suite of options to address your unique wellness journey.

Discovery Programs

Basic Discovery: Unlock your unique health blueprint using Blood Type insights and Epigenetic adaptations tailored for you.

Premium Discovery: Comprehensive wellness plan using Blood Type insights, Epigenetic adaptations, and deep Genetic optimizations.

Early Discovery: Create lifelong wellness using Blood Type insights, deep Genetic optimizations, and a Strategic Parenting Guide.

Enhancement Programs

Vitality RechargeComing Soon! Reveal, detox, and rebalance using Dry Blood Analysis, Holistic Remedies, and a tailored path to rejuvenation.

Action Planning: Obtain mental clarity on prioritizing Core Values, Motivations, Passions, and Goals.

Relationship Building: Optimize Communication, enhance Self-Awareness, foster stronger, more Genuine Relationships.

Systems for Success: Define your Success, implement effective Daily Habits, gain Sustained Growth and Achievements.

Basic Discovery Program

The Basic Discovery program for ages 16 and over introduces participants to the foundational elements of their health, combining holistic evaluations, blood type insights, and epigenetic adaptations for a tailored wellness approach.

  • Blood Type Consultation
  • Epigenetic Measurements, Consultation, and Personalized Mobile App
  • Customized Eating & Moving Plan

Testimonial from Brenda in Ohio, “It has explained reasons for so many things I already knew about myself. I have learned how to support my body best. I was wasting money on supplements that were either never going to help me or some that were actually harmful to my system. Discovering what foods are best for me has helped me feel so much better consistently. I think everyone needs to do this, there are things that I can take steps to prevent with the knowledge I now have.”

Premium Discovery Program

The Premium Discovery program offers participants ages 16 and above a comprehensive view of their health. By intertwining genetic insights with foundational evaluations, the program ensures a deeply personalized health strategy.

  • Blood Type Consultation
  • Epigenetic Measurements, Consultation, and Personalized Mobile App
  • Genetically-enhanced Eating & Moving Plan
  • Genetic Summary to highlight Optimal Wellness Opportunities
  • Optimal Wellness Health Strategy Session

Testimonial from Shelly in Ohio, “It has been such an eye-opening experience learning more about my specific Genotype. I have spent countless years chasing nutrition and health advice (often conflicting) and spending thousands of dollars on supplements trying to follow the latest trends. I now have the resources and tools that are unique to me. That alone has been a stress relief. I love that CW focuses on your entire health. It has been an amazing and life changing program.”

Early Discovery Program

The Early Discovery program is specifically tailored for the unique health needs of younger individuals ages newborn to 15. With genetic insights and expert consultations, it sets the stage for lifelong wellness and provides parents with tools for strategic nurturing!

  • Blood Type Consultation
  • Genetic Summary to highlight Optimal Wellness Opportunities
  • Strategic Parenting Guide
  • Optimal Wellness Health Strategy Session 

Testimonial from Mom of 5 in Ohio, “I can now connect with my amazing children in ways I never thought possible. Words can’t express the value of knowing which foods and environmental toxins may trigger reactions. Thank you for giving me my son back!”

Vitality Recharge Program - Coming Soon!

Delve into a comprehensive understanding of chemical toxins, heavy metals, parasites, molds, fungi, or bacterial imbalances in your body! Through scientific dry blood test analysis with Holistic Practitioner Molly Cover, Vitality Recharge provides a view of what might be affecting your well-being.

  • Personalized Detox and Rebalance Approach
  • Curated Homeopathic and Isopathic Remedies

Receive a plan specifically tailored for you to regain your overall health! Coupled with ongoing support and holistic remedies, CW provides the necessary tools for a successful rejuvenation while specializing in detoxification of the body through homeopathy, hydration, and traditional European practices.

Please be aware that deep toxicity could take several months to fully cleanse.

Action Planning Program

The Action Planning program provides participants with tools to introspect, strategize, and celebrate their journey, enabling them to lead a life aligned with their core values and passions! (Ages 18 and over)

  • Clarity on Core Values and Personal Motivation
  • Understanding and Prioritizing Passions and Goals
  • Recognition and Celebration of Achievements

Testimonial from Nick in Kentucky, “Dr. Tim is an expert in all things health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I’ve been constantly impressed at how cutting edge his services are. He’s always looking for ways to add more value to his clients.”

Relationship Building Program

The Relationship Building program equips participants with insights and strategies to enhance self-awareness, clarify personal aspirations, and optimize communication, thereby fostering stronger, more genuine relationships in every facet of their lives! (Ages 18 and over)

  • Understanding Communication Patterns
  • Identifying Current Self and Goals
  • Strategies for Effective Communication and Goal Planning

Testimonial from Married Couple of 13 Years in Ohio, “Appreciating exactly how each other thinks and communicates based on genetics is a game changer! Our relationship has never been better!”

Systems for Success Program

The Systems for Success program empowers participants to define success on their terms, implement effective daily habits, and foster holistic well-being, laying a strong foundation for sustained growth and achievement in all areas of life! (Ages 18 and over)

  • Clear Definition of Success
  • Optimized Daily Routines & Goal Tracking
  • Holistic Well-being Focus

Testimonial from Leslie in Ohio, “I learned that regularly crafting and refining my success statements enabled deep introspection observing my emotions and reactions, leading to the authentic definitions of success that resonates with me. One pivotal revelation was my ability to manage stress by incorporating daily bookends, a strategy that equips me to better navigate the anticipated challenges of tomorrow.”