About Us

About Us

At Confident Wellness, our focus is to help outstanding individuals plan and achieve their best personal vitality through Genomic testing and our Wellness Advocate Program. We do this because we believe every person should be their own hero and health advocate for life! We strive every day to aid our clients in taking control of their present and future!

Our Mission

We empower exceptional individuals to Live Confident by using knowledge of their unique DNA teamed with our Wellness Advocate Program. You will become your own Health Advocate – moving forward with confidence and purpose!

Our Promise

Live Confident. We agree you are an amazing and unique individual who deserves to be treated with respect. We promise to provide the best support to you and your loved ones.

We value your trust through open and honest communication. If you are not completely satisfied with services performed we will refund you the full value of the service.

Meet the Team

Dr. Timothy Oliver is the only Naturopath using Precision Medicine in southwest Ohio. His passion for holistic health began over 25 years ago while studying massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Energy Healing under his martial arts instructor. His expertise has grown to include a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy from New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies. Dr. Oliver uses the Opus 23 AI system to aid in his focus on DNA tailored nutrition and holistic approaches to any health topic. He supports a wide range of clientele across the United States with his specialized virtual consultations.

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